Digital resources

The RSC offers digital access to primary documents on U.S. history. Some are accessible everywhere, others can only be accessed in the RSC library in Middelburg.

On site digital collections
The RSC has two unique collections which are digitally accessible on site:

1. New York Times
This database of the New York Times (1851-2010) consists of digital reproductions of every page from every issue, with the ability to search for specific articles using keywords and dates. The simplicity of the system makes it user-friendly and an ideal tool for discovering how major events were presented at their time of occurrence. All selected materials can then be printed out, saved to a file, or sent by email.

2. Declassified Documents Reference System
The Declassified Documents Reference System (DDRS) provides online access to more than 500,000 pages of previously classified government documents. Covering major international events from the Cold War to the Vietnam War and beyond, this single source enables users to locate key information underpinning studies in international relations, American studies, United States foreign and domestic policy studies, journalism and more. The DDRS is constantly being updated as new material is released by government agencies, the National Archives, and Presidential Libraries.

Key research materials can be found at related institutes:
- Theodore Roosevelt Center
- Including the Guide to the Library of Congress film collection on President Theodore Roosevelt
- Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
- Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project
- Presidential Libraries